Organizational Unit

User Management Resource Administrator 7.2

No Image Organizational Unit without requiring input from a CSV file. Script Actions: User Management Resource Administrator has more than enough built-in script actions to provide advanced functionality for handling Active Directory domains, user accounts, groups and Organizational Units, file systems with shares and folder permissions, Terminal Server settings, folder and data migration, all with built-in error handling and logging with requiring any configuration

SharePoint Site User Directory The SharePoint Site User Directory displays AD users and profile information.
SharePoint Site User Directory

The SharePoint Site User Directory web part displays a list of all users and groups that have the appropriate permissions to access a SharePoint site. A full suite of display options allow users to view user accounts and groups alphabetically, by organizational unit, by site permissions, or by recent activity in SharePoint (activity within a five minute timeframe).

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Active Directory Bulk Account Creator 2.5: Create mutiple accounts in Active Directory with random passwords
Active Directory Bulk Account Creator 2.5

This software creates bulk accounts in Active Directory. You can create a large number of users in Active Directory in any Organizational Unit in one swoop. It is really simple to use and it is fast. In addition, it generates a text file that lists all the user accounts and the associated random password. Once you have this list, you can print it out and hand it out to students, teachers, or whomever you see fit. Supports importing from Excel

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Active Directory Report Software 1.0.5: Software to create reports about number of accounts in Active Directory
Active Directory Report Software 1.0.5

Active Directory Report Software (ADRS) provides administrators with insight at a glance into the number of Active Directory user accounts and their status. ADRS counts the number of user accounts per Organizational Unit (OU) or per domain and offers an overview of disabled, enabled and stale user accounts. ADRS queries the Active Directory and directly displays the results on the screen.

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RRs Unit Converter 3.1: Universal unit converter and dictionary with over 1000 units.
RRs Unit Converter 3.1

units. Scientist, engineers, students or anyone involved in scientific, financial, archeological or other activities where unit conversions are required will found this program useful. By using a careful developed algorithm, unit conversion factors could be defined between any two units. This feature allows you to use the most precise known unit conversion factor between two units. Therefore, any unit conversions will be performed with high precision

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Area Converter Software Software converts land area in preferred unit and determine exact cost of assets
Area Converter Software

unit to another unit area. Real estate unit converter utility supports all versions of windows operating systems like windows 98, MN, NT, XP, 2000, 2003 and Vista. Unit conversion and price calculator tool can transfer one unit of area into number of other higher national and international units and efficiently calculates accurate price of land. Area unit converter application converts area unit of different flats and other properties to and from

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Unit Converter & Sci Calculator 2.12: Converts more than 3000 units organized in 95 categories + Sci Calculator.
Unit Converter & Sci Calculator 2.12

Unit Converter converts more than 3000 units organized in 95 categories. Swap units, manage units lists, calculator, periodic table. FREE DESKTOP UNIT CONVERTER FOR REGISTERED USERS. * Converts more than 3000 unit factors in 95 categories and 40 subcategories. * Algebra calculator. * Periodic table of elements. * 308 Fundamental Physical Constants in 8 categories. * 5-way navigation support. * Works on WebOS

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